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I’m sure we’ve all been there — you need a minute to breathe, to think, to eat your first meal of the day at 4pm or to finish that cup of coffee. During this pandemic, I sure have used electronics more than I ever typically would in life. And while I do limit electronics typically, I think they have a far more negative connotation than they should — because those educational toddler apps can be so great for their development!

So if you’re in need of some educational toddler apps that are great for learning and for their development (or just a minute to have some “me” time), then here’s a list of our current favorites!


Vooks is the newest app we’ve downloaded and this thing is AMAZING. If Kata had the choice, she would have us read to her all day long every day (which makes me real happy, by the way) and the Vooks educational kids app does just that.

It’s a kids learning app that reads books to your kids and highlights the words as it reads so they can follow along. And some of her favorite books that we own and read all of the time in real life are on there too. It’s got an endless library full of goodness.


This has been a new favorite around here – Kata could literally spend hours on these Osmo games! Once you buy the Osmo starter kit, you can buy add-on games and new apps to switch up the games your child is playing!

But if your child is a toddler, make sure you snag the LITTLE GENIUS starter kit…not the genius starter kit. It makes a difference.


Outside of the just the main ABCMouse game, which is Kata’s top used app, they’ve got other app variations too that she’s recently started exploring and loving. It’s a fun way to switch it up — Traceables, Language, Zoo, Music Videos Mathematics and Alphabet.

And I will say this — learning how to navigate the ABCMouse app took a bit of time for Ava to finally master (she started using it when she was 2 years old) but once I taught her which buttons meant what, how to move to the next game, etc. she loves it! But there was a little learning curve at first so don’t give up!


This is one of my personal favorites because it’s beyond your traditional toddler learning apps – it’s beyond just learning their ABC’s and how to write numbers and all of that stuff that of course, is so important. The MarcoPolo educational kids app is all about learning about the world based on topics the child chooses:

Kata’s learned about different parts of the body and out of the blue she’s taught us how the skin heals over cuts. Which personally, I think is pretty cool!

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