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What Can You Do to Win Your Boyfriend Back

Though there were faults on both sides and though both of you annoyed each other at times, now you are feeling the hurt. Breakups are never pleasant. The reality of him leaving you has struck you now and you repent it. You want him back. But, is it really possible to win your boyfriend back? What can you do without seeming too desperate about it?

The one place you have to start out with is yourself. First you have to sit back and think what went wrong. If your relationship was going bitter for a while, you will know where the problems crept in. Did you argue? What were the arguments about? This gives you a clue as to why he left you. Accept the fact that you committed blunders in the relationship too. Realize those mistakes and see how you can improve upon them.

The next step is to show him that you still have feelings for him, that you would like to get back more than anything else. But, you have to go subtly about it. You will need to improve yourself. Men don’t like women who grovel and weep; so, it is better to regain your confidence and do things to pamper yourself, such as visit a salon and get a better hairstyle and a new ensemble, things like that.


Do it the natural way. Don’t let it appear as though you are doing things out of spite. When you start looking more beautiful than ever before, there are chances that he might want to be with you again just for that sole reason!

Win his friends

One very interesting way in winning your boyfriend back is to try and win his friends over. This will be an easy thing to do. Hang out with his friends when you can and be good to them. Tell them your side of the story, but don’t use any strong language against him or blame him for anything. When they report this back to him, they will probably also say what a good girl he let go. This will make him rethink his decision.

At the same time, you have to try whatever you can to be the person he first fell for. You may have changed in various ways, but try to go back. Try to do the same things again—things that you might have pushed back in the course of the relationship. If you liked wearing high heels back then but have now stopped, start wearing them again. Maybe he lost his affection for you because you stopped doing the things he first fell in love with.

Efforts to improve

Don’t lose out on your hope. Don’t go into depression. Don’t let the emotions take the better of you. You have to make all efforts to improve yourself; being a mental wreck is only going to jeopardize your association with him further.

But, when you are trying to win your boyfriend back, remember to keep your dignity intact. Men don’t like women who have lost their respect. Don’t belittle yourself by trying to chase him all around the place foolishly. Maintain your respect and eventually you will regain his respect.

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However, even though we are taking about all this, you have to first think whether you really want to win your boyfriend back. If you are doing your best and he is still not reciprocating, then it is best to let him go. Even if the relationship begins to work again, it won’t be a pleasant journey for you. It is time for you to move on if it is only you that want him back, not him.

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