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I Want My Husband Back

If you have been burning inside out missing your husband then I feel for you because I know it’s not easy. If you want your husband back then I want to help you get him back. Plain and simple, every time you say “I want my husband back” you should be doing something positive to get your husband back.

Unfortunately there are many different situations when it comes to wanting a husband back. For some women it is actually trying to get their husband back into their lives. For other women it is a matter of reconnecting or restoring a broken marriage.

It really doesn’t matter which situation you are facing because in either case, it is difficult, painful and frustrating. Trust me, when I say that it will get better.

Have you been struggling with wondering what you did wrong to deserve the pain that you are going through? It is quite normal to search for answers that just aren’t there. A lot of times you can get angry and bitter because you know you didn’t try to save the marriage until it was to late. Don’t be paralyzed by dwelling on the past mistakes. It is time to move forward.

I’m glad that you have decided to not just dream that “I want my husband back” but you are actually doing something about it. You are not letting fear, doubt and past failures stop you from winning your husband back. I want to help you and I have listed my suggestions below for getting him back.


Take a step back and review what you have done to get your husband back. I would suggest that you get out the old pen and paper and make a list of all the things you have done to win your husband back. It doesn’t have to be a long list or a detailed list but surely you can come up with a list.


I would recommend that you spend some time organizing the list into two categories. The first one is things that you have done that you feel has helped you get closer to restoring your relationship with your husband. The second one should be made up of the things you have done that you think have hurt your attempts to get back together with your husband.


Make a final list of those things that are important for you to have when you do get back with your husband. What is it that will keep you happy and fulfilled. Sometimes we know that things aren’t right and we aren’t happy. However, we rarely take the time to understand what that really means.

I’m sure you are thinking, “Ok, I know what I’ve done to try and get my husband back and what kind of relationship I want going forward, now what?”

Well, you are half way there to figuring out how to turn things around and get your husband back. You and I know that half the battle is mental when it comes to achieving a goal.

When it comes to getting your husband back the keys are you understanding what is working, what is hurting your chances and understanding what you really want.

Obviously, you want to continue to do the things that are helping to repair your relationship. This requires great patience and focus on your part. It is very easy to lose your patience when your husband isn’t responding to your actions and it can easily cause you to be resentful and bitter. Don’t let your husband’s lack of response cause a negative reaction by you.

What’s next?

Think of everything that you are doing to get your husband back as a step in the nurturing process. Picture your marriage and relationship with your husband like a newly planted seed. In the beginning it needs a little water, sunlight and supplements to get growing. If you make a mistake and give it too much of one or the other the plant doesn’t survive.

Your marriage restoration and getting your husband back is similar.  You want to maximize every opportunity you have and make the most of your efforts. You can get your husband to love you and want you again. You did it before and you can do it again.

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