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Secrets to Keep the Communication in a Marriage

In marriage, communication is one the key factors to keep the relationship alive. It is a continuous process in which you should do it every day or even every minute. For some people, building communication is quite difficult especially if they are in a conflict. However, it is never been an easy task since you and your spouse has different personality and way to communicate.

Without good quality of communication, a marriage can turn cold and is not in a healthy state again. So, if you are facing in the communication difficulties, here are some advices for you and your spouse to enhance the communication in a marriage.


Communication in a Marriage

1. Say please and thank you

This is probably an old-school advice, but trusts me, those two words are magic. If you can say those words to other people; why not say it regularly to your spouse. Every time your spouse helps and you say “thank you, honey”, he/she will feel that you really appreciate and respect their help. Small expression will make them feel that they are matter for you.

2. Keep the physical intimacy

Physical intimacy does not have to be always hot in the bed. It is about small affection such as hugs, kisses, and holding hands. Studies show that affectionate touch promotes the oxytocin hormone which influences attachment and bonding. However, make sure to avoid touching unwanted or inappropriate body part which will make them tense.

3. More quality time

You can have the idea for having a date with your spouse exactly like what you have done in the first date. Yes, we all know that there are plenty drawbacks in the road such as works, different hobbies, and many more. However, those are not the excuses for having quality time together.

4. Never stop communicate

The problem in the communication between married couples is they stop communicate especially after a huge fight. Stop communicating will make everything worse; you hold grudges to each other and without even say a word; it will kill your relationship.

Whatever your strategy to improve the relationship; you have to make sure to always put communication in the first line. Because communication is a very important foundation in maintaining the integrity of the household. Without good communication will lead to a misunderstanding that led to each person’s husband or wife either prejudice.

As a wife, you have to be better in communicating with your husband, because sometimes men tend to be difficult to communicate, especially if there are a lot of problems with his work.

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